Sunday, 20 December 2015

Ever so close

Thankfully they left a door unlocked on the weekend, so we were able to go through and take some photos.

Also, after our meeting with the SS I mentioned the things that irked me and was happy to hear that he noticed most of those things also and they'll be tended to.

Garage door installed

Loving our floors (despite them being filthy at the moment) 
Black glass splashback installed. Was nervous about this one, but happy with our choice.

Main bathroom - happy with how this has turned out also
Ensuite - love the tiles, but 2 things are shitting me about this room.
1. Exhaust fan is at one end of shower rather than centred.  We've been told it couldn't be centred due to trusses in the way, so it apparently looks better at one end rather than 'off' centre.
2. The grout lines of the wall tiles do not line up in the corners at the back wall.  We've been told that due to the different tiles, there is sometimes a 1-2mm discrepancy in tile size which leads to the lines not matching exactly.....hmmm....feel I'm being taken for a bit of a ride on that one.  The lines are out by way more than a couple of mm.
Feature tile splashback

We're going through again on Wednesday 23rd for a final look before it's all locked up for Christmas.  Will certainly be inspecting these grout lines more.


  1. Really getting there!

    Thank you for contact to David by the way, we are signing up with St Tropez 25 instead, with some customisation :)

  2. That's awesome news!!
    Keep us updated on your progress