Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The depressing wait

So just found out today that our site start won't be until approximately September now; which means we won't be moving in before Christmas :(

Apparently it takes Boutique Homes 8-10 weeks (from colour selection) to get everything organised and on top of that they're currently running about 2 weeks behind schedule *double :(*

Not sure what takes them so long; we're signing contracts on 8th May and our colour selection isn't until 1st June.  Colours is just colours, why couldn't they get all of the building permits organised once contracts are signed?  I guess there's a lot more to it than I understand.

This whole drama has now pushed us out more than 6 months behind our original plan.  That's building for you.

Never again.......

Friday, 3 April 2015

Evolution of a block of land

Went and visited our block again today; we only live a few minutes down the road, so it's becoming a weekly event now.

We have some rear fencing completed now which is a bonus as I thought we had to arrange that ourselves.

The evolution of our block....

Our very first pic

Early Days
Civil works begin

Civil works complete

Rear fence is up
Looking at the park across the Way....

Concrete Way is complete
Looking left...

Looking up the street...

Our concrete Way is finished

Houses are starting to come alive

Looking towards the end of our Way

Needs a good clean

Parked in our driveway :)

St Tropez 28 Display

Time to start getting excited about our build again.

Everyone loves photos, so here are some of the St Tropez 28 display in Berwick Waters.


(Don't get me started on that corner less alfresco)


Theatre room:
(looks terribly small in this picture)

(This room is terribly small, but it serves it's purpose beautifully)

Master bedroom:


Comparing these photos with those of the Essex 27, I'm surprised just how much smaller this house looks/feels, yet they are both almost identical in size.