Tuesday, 19 May 2015

We looked up too high!

Well.....things were looking up, but only briefly.

Received our bank valuation back today and they've undervalued the house and land by $34k!

My heart jumped in to my throat.....there is no way we can afford to make up that difference......$10 or $15k maybe, but $34k?? Not a chance.

So I'm doing what I do best today and that's panic.  Our contract said we had 45 days to get finance approval so now I'm starting to stress out, as we now have about a month left.  Our broker is talking to the bank (Westpac) today and putting together some options for us.  Hopefully he comes back with something helpful, but I'm not holding my breath.

I've been told by a few others who've built with Boutique to contact their finance company (Resolve Finance), as they were in similar situations and Resolve helped them out.  So this might be our next step, unless our broker can perform some magic.

When will the drama end?

Friday, 8 May 2015

Contracts Signed!

We have finally reached this point and it's a HUGE relief to be here after everything.

We couldn't have signed the contracts without some sort of drama though :P

We received a copy of our contract and working drawings last night and low and behold there was an error with THAT wall.  The wall that caused all of the dramas and subsequently the forged signatures that caused us to leave in the first place.

The dimensions of that wall were still larger than we had promised.  I called our pre-start consultant who advised us that the wall was drawn to how it was described in the PWC.  I'll admit, the wording in the PWC was a bit ambiguous, but it still wasn't what our sales consultant had promised (and confirmed) we would get.

ALL CREDIT goes to our sales consultant (David from the Berwick Waters Estate).  I sent him a message regarding this issue (on his days off) and he was on to it straight away.  We walked in to our contract signing appointment this morning and our pre-start consultant had advised us that David had phoned and got everything sorted out and our wall will be exactly what we were promised.  We were given a drafting clarification to sign and I was a VERY happy lady :)

We walked out of that appointment finally feeling very happy about the whole process of building and that we were getting the house we wanted from the start.

Things are looking up!