Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The depressing wait

So just found out today that our site start won't be until approximately September now; which means we won't be moving in before Christmas :(

Apparently it takes Boutique Homes 8-10 weeks (from colour selection) to get everything organised and on top of that they're currently running about 2 weeks behind schedule *double :(*

Not sure what takes them so long; we're signing contracts on 8th May and our colour selection isn't until 1st June.  Colours is just colours, why couldn't they get all of the building permits organised once contracts are signed?  I guess there's a lot more to it than I understand.

This whole drama has now pushed us out more than 6 months behind our original plan.  That's building for you.

Never again.......


  1. Hi
    We are in the same boat with Boutique.
    They told us we have to wait that long also as this is how they operate. We were originally building with Carlisle but changed as they were being difficult & we thought if this is how they will be now what's it going to be like when we actually are building.
    We are very happy with building with Boutique as I've heard and seen about their quality.
    When my husband queried that with Carlisle they actually are ready to go on site as soon as the land titles as long as you've done all your bits like colours, contract etc. They said they don't do it like this as they have to have time to do permits etc, to which we replied why don't you just send them in earlier, as you can submit all this before land titles & this is what other builders do.
    Anyway we just have to wait I suppose. Our house building is a little after yours as we are still waiting for our land to title.
    No matter who you build with there is always going to be a glitch I believe.
    Goodluck with your adventure ��

  2. Thanks Natalie,
    It's disappointing as we just want to be in our new home as soon as we can and put all the drama behind us. But if I look on the bright side, at least it gives us more time to save.