Friday, 4 December 2015


We have a conundrum....
We noticed a big pile of tiles sitting in our theatre room awaiting installation.  For the sake of this story we'll ignore the fact that we were told tiling would be completed this week.

Anyway, we're checking out our tiles and notice that there seems to be crap load of our hexagonal feature tile we selected for our vanity splash back.  This was meant to be just a strip of tile, long enough to span the vanity.

Ensuite floor/wall tile, cabinet colour, vanity bench and feature hexagonal splashback tile
Now, for a feature wall of our double shower, we chose a similar coloured 'square' tile.
So our conundrum?  It looks like they've accidentally ordered the hexagonal tile as our feature wall in our shower also.  I could be wrong, but there were boxes of the hexagonal tile and we couldn't see any boxes of the square tile. we prefer the hexagonal tile as a feature in the shower? Do we keep quite and let them install that instead of the square tile?

So now we'd have this instead....
Decisions, decisions.....

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