Saturday, 8 November 2014

......floors, floors, floors

*Sigh* I'm so over floors right now.

So we headed in to Choices Flooring to take a look at what is out there at the moment.  Soooo many choices.  We initially started looking at the vinyl planks, then the laminate floors, then the hardwood floors; then back to the laminates after seeing the price of the hardwoods.

I honestly think both of us were a little overwhelmed and couldn't make up our minds between laminate and vinyl.  In the end we decided to go purely on colour/look.  We didn't take any notice as to whether we were checking out the laminates or the vinyl, we were only looking at colours.

I could not believe it when we BOTH decided on a colour that we BOTH liked. We both went for a lighter colour floor.

Turns out it's vinyl planks, which I was very happy about.  I really like it and think it would look great in a white kitchen:

Also turns out we picked one of the cheapest floors too, which is good and bad.  I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for.  We were quoted $67/m2 installed; not sure at this stage if that's good or bad for the product.

The company that makes this product is Polyflor, and from all the research I've been doing they're a reputable company and it would be a reputable product.  My only concern with this particular product is that it has a wear layer of only 0.2mm.  Most other vinyl floor products I've researched have a wear layer of around 0.5mm.  So now I can see why this product was cheap.

I'm in love with this colour now, so more research needs to be done on wear layers and whether 0.2mm is reasonable for a residential, relatively low traffic household.

I've told DH that this is the colour we're settling on, even if I have to get it in a laminate timber instead.

Stay tuned.

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