Saturday, 8 November 2014

Floors, floors, floors........

So.........the long journey from settling on a house design to choosing absolutely every single item that goes in to a new house. From floor options to placement of a frigging light.

I was telling everyone at first "choosing colours is the easy part; agreeing on them is the hard part". I don't even believe that myself now.  Every time I jump on the net or open a magazine I change my mind about what I want.

For so long I was dead set on having tiles through the house.  We've only ever had laminate flooring in the houses we've lived in and I dreamed of having tiles. Now I'm back on to the timber floor. For a while there I was looking at timber look tiles:
Moved on to floating floor:
And now I'm wanting Vinyl Planks.  They seem to be the next big thing on from Laminate Floor.  They sound better, feel better under foot and are water proof.  Heading out tomorrow to see what they look like in real life, get some more information on them and see what they cost.

The next issue we're having is agreeing on a colour.  Hubby is set on the grey tones (like Mist or Dark Grey above).  I liked those too......for a day or so, then decided I wanted even darker floors, bordering on black and now I'm wanting light floors, more along the lines of Venice or Milano above.

Our colour appointment is on 11th December, how am I ever going to make up my mind before then????

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