Sunday, 23 November 2014

Finally getting somewhere in my last post on floors we (i.e. I) had decided on the colour floor we were going with.  A couple of weeks later after some arguing, agreeing, arguing again and then finally holding a family vote, we've settled on the colour of our floor; Provincial Smoky Dusk.

After the husband and I couldn't agree on which colour floor to go with; I wanted light, he wanted darker; we took it to a family vote and let our daughter give the deciding vote.  We're not changing our minds now. I'm sick to death of floors and just want this decision put to bed.

However, I wasn't about to just agree on the floor without seeing it in it's 'natural environment', so we decided to take a day trip over to Geelong (a good 1.5hrs drive from home) and visit Boutique Homes Fairhaven display as it had this very floor.

After visiting the display and seeing the floor in real life, I was satisfied that I could live with it.  I'd still prefer a light floor, but the votes had it.

Enjoy some floor photos:
In some shots, the floor appears grey and in others, more brown.
The more I look at these photos the more the floor is growing on me.
I like the above photo as we're going for an all white kitchen too, so gave me a good indication of how it would look.


  1. I am really glad we chose is this floor too! it does look more grey in some light and more brown in others... but that's why i like it. We were also in disagreement of dark or light. I think this is a happy medium!

    1. I agree Peta, it's a good 'in between' colour. I'm liking it more and more.