Sunday, 3 January 2016

Forgot to mention

I completely forgot to mention that our SS cottoned on that they had the incorrect tiles for our ensuite before they were laid.  He called us to let us know and this is why tiling was delayed.

So we 'pretty much' ended up with our original idea. And by 'pretty much' I mean, the tiler still stuffed up and incorrectly tiled our niche with the hexagonal tile.

Instead of ripping it down, because obviously it would cost them, our SS sent us photos and asked if we'd be happy to keep it this way.
 I much preferred this over our original idea; which was to tile the niche with the same square tile covering that back wall.  This way, the niche ties in with the splashback.  So we were rather quite happy with the error :)


  1. I have just come across you blog from the homeone link - your build time line is almost exactly same as ours. We are building with Henley but our houses are very similar.
    What is your timber flooring? it looks great

  2. Hey Sam,
    Thanks! Took my husband a bit to convince me to go with it, but glad I did in the end, it's Smokey Dusk from Unique Timber Flooring.

  3. I actually have a sample of that at home, it was on my short list - My hubby wanted to steer clear of the greyish tones so we ended up with a cheaper laminate, we are doing our flooring after handover. Im very nervous about how it will look as it was not in my top 3 - at least its cheap so can be replaced later on

  4. The floor tile - is it Dolomite Black?