Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Patience is starting to dwindle

Just received our weekly Wednesday update from the office.

Apparently internal lockup is due this week with the bricks and plaster to begin next week.  We've also been told for about the 4th time now, that the retaining wall is delayed.  Our neighbours have been waiting to build their fence since early September and we've had to keep putting them off whilst we wait to have our retaining wall built.

Our old SS told us that the fence can go up as the contractor building the retaining wall advised he can build around it as it's just inside our boundary apparently.  We told our neighbours to go ahead with their fence.

We've just been told today by the office that the bricks are in the way so the retaining wall is delayed another 2 weeks!!! FFS!!!! If the bricks are in the way of the retaining wall, then the bricks are in the way of the fence!!!

The standard response from Boutique?  "We're aware of the urgency of the situation and will monitor it closely".  Wtf is 'monitoring' it going to do? How about actually doing something about it?  Move the frigging bricks! You're the idiots that had them delivered too early in the first place.

Now the neighbours, who've been really patient with us throughout this whole process have lost their patience finally (and rightly so).  They've asked us to have the bricks moved as they had arranged the fence to be built last week, but had to postpone because the bricks were still in their way.  They're not happy the bricks have been sitting on their property for nearly 3 weeks now.

We've been pretty easy going and patient throughout this whole process, but they're beginning to test my patience.....*sigh*

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