Saturday, 31 October 2015

Bricks have started

Finally, we've got bricks on our house.  They've been sitting on the property for 3 weeks now, pissing off the neighbours.

When I've been reading other peoples blogs they all always mention how happy they are with their brick choice and how much better they look in real life (not just a little sample), but I'd have to admit I'm a little disappointed/nervous about our choice.  We upgraded our bricks to a Cat 3 (Indulgence - Truffle).  They look really great in the samples and we drove around and looked at them on other houses, but seeing them on our house they look shit!  I know they look good, I've seen them on other houses, so I'm hoping that once they're cleaned and the mortar has dried more (i.e. lightened) then they'll look better. Really wish we had spent the extra money and upgraded the mortar too (to off-shite) Can't do much about it now :P

Anyway, photo update.
Our bricks are the darker brown ones, the light bricks will be rendered.

The left wall and around the door will be rendered, the right wall is face brick.

Front entrance

 Theatre room, looking out. Cavity sliding doors have been installed.
Kitchen, family, dining (plaster has been delivered - plaster photos next week!)
Latest cheesy selfie :)

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