Monday, 2 March 2015

World of Style Appointment

We've discovered that Porter Davis do things rather differently to Boutique Homes.  I'd have to admit, despite forging our signatures, Boutique Homes were a little easier to deal with.  If we wanted a price on something, they gave it to us.  Porter Davis will NOT give out any prices until you have your World of Style appointment (colours appointment) and even then, they only give you 'what they can'.  Apparently the rest comes at your tender appointment.

Aaaanyway, we had our WOS appointment today.  It didn't go 'great', but it didn't go too badly either.

The kitchen and the electrical appointments were good.  The staff members there were really helpful, the colours lady just lacked any sort of personality and seemed to just want to get us through as quickly as she could.  Didn't offer up too many helpful suggestions.

Our biggest disappointment came during our kitchen appointment when we discovered that our galley doesn't actually come with a bench top. In fact it only has two melamine shelves and that's it (like you get in a pantry). We assumed (and our sales guy didn't correct us) that the bench was included (like in the picture below), so we opted to pay $450 to include under bench cupboards.  Our sales guy couldn't have got it more wrong.  Not only do we not have the bench, but to upgrade to a bench and cupboards ended up costing $1400 (only a mere $1K difference).  Fortunately(?) for us, the kitchen lady had misquoted and only ended up charging us $1,200, which she honoured even after realising her mistake.

Colour choices ended up as follows...(sorry for the really shitty pictures)

Flooring - Provincial Smoky Dusk (Cat 3)
Glass splashback - Western Myall
Overhead cupboards - Polar White (Silk finish)
Stone Bench - Crystal Chalk (Cat 1)
Under bench cupboards - Sarsen Grey (Silk Finish)


Construction: Hebel
Render Colour: Missouri Mud
Feature Brick: Zinc (Cat 7?....something stupid anyway)
Garage Door: Surfmist
Windows: White (in this picture), however we've decided to go with Surfmist to match the garage door
Roof Tile: Elabana (Cat 1) in Barramundi

In the laundry and the bathroom cupboards we've gone for Blackened Linewood.

Bathroom tile: Colorado Grey (Cat 2) with a feature tile in the shower niches; Teakwood Natural Dark Grey (not sure of Category)


Lava Stone (Cat 1).
Our carpet is the one thing we're very unhappy with.  Unfortunately the Cat 1 choices blow, so we've upgraded our underlay to Cat 3 in the hope this will help the carpet. The fact that we have a cat also is going to be a struggle for us, so I dare say we'll probably replace the carpets in a couple of years.
It was just an expense we didn't want at this stage.  So many other things we wanted to spend our money on first.

Finally, remaining choices. Some of these things are included as part of the 'Design is in our DNA Promotion', others were upgrades.
Bath (included):

Kitchen Sink Mixer (included):

Kitchen Sink (included):

Bathroom Basins (upgrade):

Basin Mixers (upgrade):

Shower heads (included in ensuite; upgrade in Bathroom):
Wall mixers (upgrade):

In 3 weeks, we have our Tender appointment.  I will do an updated post with costs to help others building with PD.

Oh, just an fyi....Porter Davis do not include towel rails or toilet roll holders as standard.  I cannot remember the cost to include towel rails but toilet roll holders were $45!! (or thereabouts).  It might be cutting off my nose to spite my face, but I just couldn't bring myself to pay them for including toilet roll holders.  I politely said "No thanks, I'd rather install them myself after handover then give you the satisfaction of forcing me to include them in my build"

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