Thursday, 19 March 2015


Quick background story.

When we signed contracts for our block back in May 2014 our block was on Green Gully Road.  A few months later (around September), they renamed our 'Road' to Kaputar Way (where do they come up with these names?).  Makes more sense to call it a 'Way' as we live on a dead end street and there are only 4 blocks along there.

Anyway, fast forward to January when our very patient mortgage broker has organised our loan through Westpac.  He sends us a copy of the Letter of Unconditional Approval and the first thing I notice is that the bank has our block listed as Green Gully Road.  I immediately inform our broker who gets on to the bank to let them know of the street name change.

For whatever crazy bank reason, they advised that they will have to do a re-assessment of our loan.  It's the same frigging block of land, why do a re-assessment just because the sign at the end of the street has changed name?

Anyhoo, this seemed to take them a couple of weeks to do and I was starting to get nervous as time is ticking by.  Finally after our broker hounded them, they got the paperwork re-issued and sent to the bank.

Last Saturday, we went in to sign the updated documents.  First thing we notice?  They still have the street listed as Green Gully Road!?!?! are you freaking kidding me?  Of course nothing can be done about this because it's a Saturday.  I immediately call our broker who said he'll get on to the bank first thing on Monday.  Starting to freak out a bit as Settlement is in a week and a half.

The bank was trying to tell our broker that we'd have to have new contract drawn up showing the actual street name.  Thankfully our conveyancer now got involved and pretty much told the bank they're being a bunch of idiots (I'm paraphrasing) and this sort of thing happens all of the time with developments and to pull their fingers out and re-do the paperwork correctly.

Long(er) story short, the new paperwork (with the correct address) was re-done and we signed the documents today.

Talk about cutting it close; Settlement is in 4 business day!!

I've been promised that the documents will be escalated and will be ready in time for Settlement.......stay tuned.

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