Saturday, 7 November 2015

Another quickie

Not a real lot to report this week.

The water proofers have been in and water proofed stuff :) and it appears the cabinet makers have been in and started to install the cabinets, although most of them are just laying about, but at least the kitchen is starting to take shape.


Oh, by the way, they've cleaned our bricks and I'm much happier with them now :)


  1. @JP79

    Thank you so much for making these blog posts. We have just started with our builder selection and we quite like the floorplan of St Tropez (also looking at Solander from Urban Edge, Porter Davis and Sherridon at the moment).

    My issue is the cryptic vague pricing Boutique Home sales person provided on the phone. I was wondering if you're willing to share the standard pricing you've got for St Tropez 28, and the additional costs on top (just a ballpark)?


  2. Our prices are over 12 months old now, so wouldn't be relevant to you as they have obviously gone up over that time.
    I'm not sure where you are located, but if you can, I would suggest speaking with David (at the display home in Livingston, Cranbourne). He was fantastic when it came to pricing, honest the whole way.

    1. We are based in NSW looking to move to Melbourne, which makes the process so much harder. Would really prefer to know the pricing before we fly and see the Display all around the places.

      Thank you, will try to call David :)

  3. Their website doesn't have a phone number on the website :-/

  4. Email him at
    Tell him Matt & Yosta sent you.