Friday, 7 August 2015

Boutique continue to be helpful

Unsurprisingly the site supervisor of the Home Buyers Centre home has said that it's not their mess on our block.  I mentioned that there is left over iron on the block and the HBC home is the only house being constructed nearby that has an iron roof.  The builder next door (Burbank Homes) has also claimed it not to be theirs, although I don't believe this for a second, but what would they care?

This is the mess we're talking about.  It's not a huge amount and if we had a ute, we'd just clean it up ourselves.

Thankfully, the site supervisor has agreed to clean up the mess for us.  I'm extremely grateful for this as we have no means to cart away the rubbish ourselves and would have to pay someone to do it. So we've been advised we do not need to do anything now and that our site will be tidied up on Monday in preparation for a site start on Wednesday.

Have been extremely happy with the service from Boutique Homes this time around.

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